A perfect website! I would recommand you and all your work!
Truman Holtzclaw(non-registered)
Beautiful! Excellent set of images!
Jim Wilson(non-registered)
Wonderful work. Beautiful and skillfully moments captured. The images you have made are a great testimony to your skills and knowledge of your subjects. Thank you for sharing.
Grant Kreinberg(non-registered)
I like it. The observer is taken on a journey through your photography. I like the active approach and am wondering what it would take to animate mine. You got me thinking which is always a good sign.
Amazing Website, Preserve the fantastic work. Thanks a ton! egipt http://www.krajpiramid.pl
Rohnda Huskey(non-registered)
Lovely galleries! You have quite an expanse in subject matter and the images are wonderful.
I really enjoyed your blossoms, particularly the camellia and roses.
Cathy Schwamberger(non-registered)
Michele -- So great to meet you at the luncheon today. I found your site and have enjoyed looking through your wonderful pictures! They're just amazing. Thanks for sharing the information about the Sierra Camera Club and Viewpoint. I'm going to check out those websites next. I'm not even close to this skill level, and it's inspiring to see your pictures. Take care!
Robin Beaton-Duncan(non-registered)
Enjoyed my first visit to your gallery! As others have already commented, you have a eye for what makes a great photo. I booked-marked your site and will be checking back to see new postings!!
Eva Lisle(non-registered)
Michele, I so enjoyed seeing your photographs, but especially enjoyed your articles and thoughts on the taking of the images. I love the tale of heart, eye and camera capturing a particular moment in time. It was lovely to meet you the other night at Reggie's. I hope to see more of you. Bravo Sistah'!
Stephen Tse, CFP(non-registered)
'If one has the ability to see beauties all the time, one never grows old.'
Michele, your wonderful photos rejuvenate me. Love visiting your website and learn from you. Glad you like my photos 'captured' at Miss Universe Pageant 2012 in Las Vegas. U know, I experienced many one-chance-one-shot-Kodak moments, especially at the After Party held in Planet Hollywood Celebrity Ballroom.
Stephen PaparazTse, your golf buddy & photographer at ALF Eagles Golf Club.
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