For Michele McCormick, now based in Sacramento, California, photography is a lifelong journey that began more than four decades ago. It started with college studies emphasizing photography, and led Michele into early adventures in freelance writing and editorial photography for publications around the world. Then life took a different path, and she pursued a professional career in which photography took a back seat.

In 2010, Michele returned to her early passion for photography, and entered the world of digital photography with energy and enthusiasm. After years of exploring a variety of photographic opportunities, COVID changed everything. With travel out of the question and other activities limited, Michele discovered that her love of winter migratory bird photography need not be limited to seasons . . . and a new passion was born.

While Michele continues her interest in a variety of subjects, she has found a special love of avian artistry, reflected in her latest galleries. She hopes your passions will take wings of their own form, as hers have.

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